Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Starting a new season

Well it is about to be that time of year when we work longer days, sweat more (shower less) and eat more vegetables. Yes that is right it is the start of a new season. With this season will come new challenges ( a new  member of the family, and a new farm location) but as always we are up for anything so we are diving in head first.
Pardon the photo but i just snapped it from the kitchen window.
This is a small view of our new farm. The field is covered in straw
for soil improvement.
So what are the first things to get done in the ever increasing warmth? Well we really never stopped doing things but today I pulled out plastic from our winter mini hoop houses (we grew lettuce, carrots, onions, and kale all winter for our CSA) and tomorrow the first veggies will be planted. In the greenhouse we will be starting lettuce and broccoli. Ryan is adventurasly thinking of planting some peas outside which of course he will do.
At the new house we have erected a barn/greenhouse, torn out an orchard (pears and sour cherries), picked up lots of sticks from the torn out orchard

The next coming weeks will hold lots of planting and tilling and we hope you follow along with us.

First plants up

I am excited to say that the first sprouts of the season can be seen. Our first planting went in one week ago today. Both onions and broccoli are showing.

Today more planting is underway with the help of our friend Lisa who is a pro and only on her second week of farm life!!

Today leeks, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, kohlrabi and broccoli were planted.