Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winter on its way

Despite the fact that it has turned into a beautiful day there are reminders that winter is on its way. The cold nights the forbidding weather forecast showing snowflakes and the beginning of our winter csa. 

With the beginning of winter csa next week we are in the midst of winter preparations on the farm. This year our fall projects have included the installation of a new barn and sales area. We are very excited of the arrival of this new building as it means not only a warm place to pack vegetables but also a warm place for customers to pick up vegetables. 

We are really looking forward to our winter csa this year as we have a great line up of products. We have beautiful greens growing all over the farm, giant rutabaga, broccoli just starting to sprout and so much more. Check out some picture below of how the farm is looking. 

    Strawberries tucked away for winter 

               Easter egg radishes 

              Purple Top turnips 

      Rainbow and Peppermint chard

                         Pac  Choi