Saturday, September 4, 2010

After Math of a Hubbard Squash

So the squash is baked (although i'm mildly doubtful that it is fully cooked) but never the less it made a perfect puree for my soon to be muffins. The first half i tried to scrap out with a spoon but it did not work so well, so for the second half i flipped it up so I could see the skin and cut off the skin with a sharp knife. This worked really well. Okay on to the muffins

Visit the farmers Market!

So today was a terrific day at the farmers market, despite the crazy wind and cold. Which by the way i really don't mind, I find it refreshing. We not only sold a lot of stuff, but i made some great purchases. The first was a cup of tea for me a coffee for my dad!!! Next i had a delicious cinnamon bun from another vendour, that made my morning terrific (although I have to say that I started the day with some fresh eggs from Grimsby farmers market). Next I picked up some fingerling potatoes. Mmm they are so good roasted in the oven. Lets add to that fresh onions, and the piece de resistance an orange Hubbard squash the size of my head. Well currently the squash is in my oven hole. I heard about it on CBC radio that you can cook squash hole so i'm giving it a whirl. Apparently hubbards have very hard skin so hopefully this will resolve the issue. My intention is to make some "pumpkin" muffins. I can taste them coming out of the oven already warm and crumbly already. Also today we started our garlic collection for planting. In total we are going to plant 200+ garlic, so next year is going to be wild. But i'm excited about it we are getting some terrific kinds of garlic. Our main kind of garlic is going to be music but we are also going to have: Leningrad Garlic, Susan Delafield garlic, Fish Lake Garlic, Fiona Garlic,
Ukrainian Mavniv Garlic, and

Asian Tempest Garlic. I'm not really sure how you couldn't be excited about such a great selection. We also having selling CSA shares like crazy!! OOO it's been a good week.
Ah yes things I forgot but will still add. This week we picked some huge carrots. My dad thought the one in the picture was perhaps a foot long and really fat. They are so hard to pull out I almost feel right over into the mud. Also I'm going to include a picture of our good neighbor farmer Darren (see previous post about compost pile) who has headed back to university in Winnipeg, where perhaps it is already snowing!
Oh and I also forgot that we have two new male Musckovy ducks, one has a creepy eye and I feel like he's always watching me. We also have a new ram Sheep his name is screech (we did not name him) Rogue our old Ram has gone back to his old flock because we need some genetic diversification.

Hope you enjoy another disjointed blog