Monday, December 2, 2013

Cold and Busy

Due to the snow that has suddenly started to fly we have had a busy few days on the farm. What has kept us busy you ask? Well on Friday night (yes night in the dark) we put plastic up on two of our unheated winter hoop houses. We use these houses to store greens for the winter. All of the varieties that we grow are frost hardy they however do not like to be repeatedly snowed upon.

Below I will most some mostly undistinguished photos (its was really dark and I was using my cellphone).

This is inside the hoop house after we just got the plastic on.
The light in the distance is Ryan hard at work

We are also keeping busy with Winter CSA which is actually a lot of fun when you are not freezing your fingers off!
Here are a few pictures of harvesting and what was in our baskets last week.
Carrots that had to be dug out of the frozen ground

Mmmm brussel sprouts. Don't knock them if you have not
tried them!

Fresh Onions
Ryan hard at work!

Butternut Squash