Saturday, July 24, 2010

Frozen in the dead of summer

So we have started a new project which we are both really excited about. The project will be a winter CSA which I will clearly have a load to write about in the future. Today the first steps were takes in planning the CSA (or community supported agriculture). This first step was creating a list of what will be available over the winter months. Which to be honest is actually a lot. I also started the freezing process which includes stir fry mix. The stir fry mix includes: broccoli, zucchini, kale, carrots, and eggplant. I think it is a pretty terrific mix myself.
We are also planning a weedy Friday for next week. We are getting volunteers to come and help weed like crazy and get things all set for fall planting. It promises to be a great afternoon followed by a terrific BBQ. So if your reading this and think hey I could do that your clearly welcome. Just send us note!!
Today was another busy market day with lots of selling and buying going on . I had a terrific chicken ceaser sandwich from Willow Creek bakery. They also have really good pastry's.
We also have some new product coming available which includes: eggplant, carrots, beans (in a load of colours), and cauliflower. OH and lots of tomatoes coming too. Today we had Stupice, Sun Golds, Green Grape, Isis Candy, Yellow Pear, Snow White, Sugar Snack and Juan Flamme. All really tasty but I have a soft spot for sun gold's myself.

I know its short and sweet but i'm going to go eat some pizza!!

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