Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Compost Pile Vs. Car

So today I was at the farm picking some squash (honey boats, sunshine and spaghetti variates), which i failed to take any pictures of. The honey boats are my favorite they are yellow with green stripes and are small. I can't wait to try one, although they would make a very pretty table arrangement. Well i was getting ready to take them over to the barn and noticed kindly neighbor Darren working away on his tractor. Thinking that i would leave the road open for him i started driving on the grass up to where i had left my bins. Well it was one of those split second things where you think to yourself "hmm this is a bad idea I think that compost pile is straight ahead" and at the same time " while its small I can probably make it over". Well thought number one was the winner and i got stuck. But thankfully kindly neighbor Darren was there to push the car out! All ended well except that the car wheel got a little covered in compost.
We also have gotten our hands on a dehydrator which is a load of fun. Yesterday i dehydrated some carrots which was pretty exciting. I'm working on making a soup mix for our winter CSA boxes! Its going to be great.
Sorry about the upside down picture. I couldn't figure out why it was doing that! Perhaps it will correct upon publishing


Allison said...

Great post! The carrots look very artistic all lined up.

Ryan said...

Fixed the picture for you.

When were you going to tell me you got the car stuck? :)

Amy said...

darren told me about this, he may or may not have laughed at you.... :P