Monday, October 18, 2010

What's for diner dear??

Well over the past couple of weeks we have been eating a lot of veggies from our own farm. Along with this we have been trying really hard to make our meals as local as possible. Well tonight being a chilly evening I decided to make a hashbrown casserole. This is not in anyway a healthy meal it consists of hashbrown, butter, soup, cheese and cereal crushed on top. It tastes delightful though. So along with this meal we will be having a huge green cauliflower. This is the first coloured cauliflower that we have eaten all summer. I am very excited to partake of it.
Today was overall a busy day. I spent the morning on the farm thinning winter carrots, weeding beets, picking beans, and tomatoes. All of these things just add up and the morning zipped by. Lunch was of course full of veggies tomatoes, purple broccoli, chives, sweet pepper. I made it all into a very nice pasta salad that my father and I enjoyed. The afternoon was then spent freezing carrots and tomatoes for our winter CSA. Tomorrow will probably hold much the same.
On saturday I worked on saving some gourd seeds. We did not grow gourds this year but I plan on having them "on the menu" for next year. I think gourds are just fantastic even if you can't eat them. After I scrapped the seeds out i feed the gourd to our ducks. They seemed to like them.
Also included is a picture of a round bale of hay. These bails are large and the picture shows what a few sheep can do when they access over four days!


Uncle Chas said...

Hello, you love-birds (according to your "about us" page)! I will try to follow your goings-on more closely. I love reading your blog but logging on has not become part of my weekly rhythm.

You have a link to a "Thiessen farms" blog but I cannot find out there who exactly that is.

The new web site looks very cool. What about a map, for those of us who haven't been to your farm(s) yet?

I particularly like the part about "Nulla facilisi. Aenean nec eros" etc. Thank goodness I speak ancient proto-Indo-European! (Work in progress, I understand ...)

By the way, watch your mouths!

No blogging for me. Trying unsuccessfully to simplify, and that sounds like "complicating" ...


Anonymous said...

I have not been to the blog for some time. I see I am 'father' in the blog. Do people know my name? Always glad to help out on the farm! The veggies are delicious! No, I am not prejudice - lol