Thursday, December 30, 2010

A whirlwind month!

It has once again been a ridiculously long time since I wrote anything on the blog. But today I not only have farm information but also some great picture from our epic move of the animals. The move actually happened at the end of December because we went away for a few days and a neighbour at the veggie patch was taking care of them (thanks Ron!). The whole process of moving the animals was not difficult but lots of work. The first animals to go were the sheep. This meant that the sheep had to be loaded up which of course was a lot of fun. Then there pen which is very large had to be moved in a truck which thanks to our friends over at Whitty Farms was possible.
Next to go were the ducks and chickens. This process really was not too bad as we have nice cages to transport them in. All you do is catch them load them in and drive away. It does take awhile though especially when you have to catch 75 chickens. The whole process did take us all day but things went pretty smoothly and everyone is happily settled in at there new home.
In terms of the vegetables at the farm we are now heading into the freezer for our CSA. This week we are giving out, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, herbs, kale and more. We look forward to the spring when we can start planting out fresh items again. We do still have some things outside but it has been getting colder over the past few weeks making it more difficult to harvest items such as leeks and beets. Any time it thaws out a bit we are out picking them though!

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