Monday, April 25, 2011

And I'm Back

Well despite the fact that lots of stuff has been going on around the farm no one has been blogging. One reason being that I have been away and Ryan has been super busy finishing our new house. So over the past two weeks the greenhouse has exploded into a world of large plants in desperate need of a 4" pot. Today my dad (David), Anne (who is our new and fabulous employee) and myself worked for a number of hours just up potting and making sure everything was in good order in the green house.
In the morning we did some yard tidy (before the weekly downpour started) we ripped up the old row cover from last and took out the irrigation line from underneath. We did not get this job completed but there are only two of ten rows left to do so it is not really too big of a job now.
Today Tuesday it is another pouring rain day so we will likely work in the green house most of the day, well at least Anne will as my father and I are going to pick up a bunch of baby geese. Ryan is the one who ordered the geese and I though maybe he would order like 5 or 10 but noooo he got a discount if he ordered a bunch so now we are getting 18 geese ( i am actually picking up 30 but someone else is taking 12 of them)

tomatoes going into 4" cow pots

An herb planter with basil, chives, rosemary, thyme and oregano

Tomatoes waiting to be transplanted

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