Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Chicks

It has continued to be a busy week with lots of picking and some planting for our winter CSA (information can be found on our website We also received a bunch of new chickens. We got 120 new chickens 100 of them were baby chicks who are jut adorable and 20 were ready to lay hens. The baby chicks went into one of our moveable pens that has chicken wire as part of the pen structure. Well I was a little concerned that because the chicks were so small they would be able to fit through the holes. And of course they good. So my dad had to deal with a stream of chicks who thought they should be out wandering the yard. We solved the problem by putting boards up around the outside of the pen, which has seemed to deter them so far.

This is what I like to call exploded corn!
I don't know what causes it.

This week we also picked our first batch of corn. Growing corn organically can be a bit risky because you can easily get lots of bug damage. However it seems this year we have only had a little bit so far which is great. This week we picked peaches and cream corn (it is actually the variety peaches and cream not just bi-colour corn). We have not eaten any yet but it is on the menu for tonight diner.


Allison said...

Mmm... peaches and cream corn, dripping with butter! Delicious!
Cute chicks :-)

Erin said...

that corn looks amazing! really wish I lived closer to you guys!