Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Another week has begun and it appears that we are going to be getting more rain. Currently it is drizzling outside and it seems that it is going to be doing that for most of the day. Despite today's drizzle yesterday was a very productive day on the farm. After taking care of the items we have in the green house (just some leeks and shoots), my dad and I got to work harvesting some of our squash. We had already picked some last week but it is best to leave them out for a bit to get them ready to store. So our first squash job was collecting all of the ones that we had already picked. This included honey boat and baby blue squash. In order to get all the squash from the field to the barn we used the lawn tractor with a trailer attached. You can see in the picture below that we were loaded down and this was only our first trip.
We only lost one pumpkin from the back of the field to the barn.
All stacked in the barn. Not there permanent home but a good start.

So after we finished collecting and stacking all the squash we went out and picked some more. What kind did we harvest you may ask? Well we harvested spaghetti squash, gourds, pie pumpkins, some more honey boats, and a few other stragglers that were growing in the wrong row. In about 10 days we will go and collect these ones that are nicely piled in the field and add them to our barn collection.

By the time we were done with the squash it was about 4:30 so we called it a day, well my dad did anyway. At 6:30 Ryan and I went out and planted some kohlrabi that has been growing in the greenhouse. It was in the ground now or never and we worked until we couldn't see anymore. then we called it a day!

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