Friday, November 4, 2011

Its been too long my good friend...

To all our faithful readers I have to sorry for the slack on the blog over the last month. Just when one thinks that things will be winding down a new stretch of work seems to await. So what has been going on around the farm in the last month?
I have to say that I have probably forgotten about 50% of what we have done (I'll blame it on stress, colds, loads of work and little rest) First off during October we put up two cold frame hoop houses. These are just like little greenhouses but they have no heat. They are pretty much used to keep frost and snow off of the crops. The crops in the cold frames are all winter greens, including; bok choy, dandelion, lettuce, spinach, rapini and other fun stuff.
To the left you can see us putting the hoops up the greens are now about 3 or 4x bigger than that.

One injury of the day was this nice cut I got. It really wasn't that bad and luckily I had just refreshed my tetanus shot ( I cut it on a freshly cut piece of rebar).

Since we put up the cold frames we have also done a lot of end of season work. We finished harvesting our pumpkins. Which seemed to be a big hit with our CSA customers. We have pulled out all our tomato post, Ryan has been mowing down all the crops that are finished and I dug out our few sweet potatoes.

This is where my memory starts to go blank and I'll skip ahead to more recent times. So due to the heavy frost we had probably 2 weeks ago most stuff would have died accept for Ryan's forethought to get some frost cloth. Frost cloth is a fairly think fabric that you can put over your plants to protect them from frost. We put it over peppers, cauliflower and peas. The cloth worked great and we were able to harvest everything in excellent condition still.

Just today I harvested some garlic chive seeds to save for next year. I have a friend of saves seeds for me so I thought I would return the favour. I had a fun picture but as usual my computer savy is not working ( I blame it more on my poor e-mail).
That's all for now


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