Thursday, December 22, 2011

What does a farmer do in the winter?

There is still of course farm work going on, but really farming is not a full time job in the winter. There are no late nights, you can take Saturday off if you want and generally things are pretty relaxed.
During this slow period of time I enjoy cooking (well baking mostly) and I love to make things with stuff we have here on the farm. Tonight for diner we are serving potatoes and salad from the farm. People often ask what I do with things we grow so here is what I did with the potatoes.

Potatoes on a Clay baking sheet

So I sliced the potatoes into a french fry like shape, mostly because I enjoy dipping them in things like honey (yes it delicious if you haven't tried it). You can see that we are serving two different kinds of potatoes here. The yellow ones are yukon golds and the other I don't know but they have beautiful purple skin and stunning white flesh. I think the two colours will make our plates pretty fabulous.

Vegetable Seasoning

 So once the potatoes are sliced I spray olive oil on them (I have one of those refillable pump bottles). This just helps them get a little crunchy around the edges. I then liberally sprinkle the above (yes its from the grocery store although I'm sure I could make my own) which is delicious. Then stick those taters in the oven and bake for aprox 40 min at 400 F. Be sure to flip them throughout the cooking process to ensure even cooking.
As for salad well I think you all know how to do that :)

Merry Christmas


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They look delicious! I'll try dipping mine in honey (but I like a ketchup/mayo combo the best).
Merry Christmas to everyone at Creek Shore Farms!