Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little Critters

We have been enjoying a great season so far with a nice selection of summer greens. It's exciting to see how fast things can grow. Today we saw the first tiny summer squash emerging. We are also pleased to see the first peas of summer! 

Despite all of the great stuff that has been going on we have had a small set back. A family of ground hogs has decided to make our lettuce patch it's primary food source.  
It's not that easy to tell but just a few days ago this was full sized heads of lettuce.
They also had a munch on our growing carrots and peas. 

Tomorrow we will be heading into our third week of CSA and despite the setback in our lettuce the baskets will still have a nice selection of items. 

This is a photo of week 2. It included spinach, lettuce, garlic, turnips, radishes, and onions. 

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