Friday, November 22, 2013

Well the recent neglect of our blog (although not a new problem) is due largely in fact that we are run off our feet trying to stay on top of all the farm work. What you may ask keeps two young farmers busy in the winter season? Well let me tell you.

First we are as usual running our winter CSA program and are already heading into our 4th week. So far the weather has been great which means it has not been too bad harvesting up to this point. Once we really start getting into the cold weather I tend to experience very cold hands on picking days. This is due to the fact that wearing gloves just is really not possible for a lot of the harvesting process. Could you imagine trying to pick leaves of lettuce with a bulky pair of gloves?
You may also be asking yourself what goes into a winter CSA. Well despite the fact that many people think all they are going to get is a bunch of squash and potatoes we offer a good variety of veggies.
For example this week a full share CSA included the following:
Bunch Carrots, 2 quarts of potatoes, bunch onions, garlic,pie pumpkin, baby rainbow chard and mixed greens.
Not too bad for the middle of November if I can say so.

15 Baskets heading out for delivery!

Number two and three can really blend together so I'll just write about them at the same time. The first part would be that we now are selling veggies at the farm Tues-Sat  in our new sales shed. You can find almost everything you might need to make a tasty diner. We stock all our own veggies including: squash, potatoes, fresh greens, garlic, onions, kale, carrots and more! 
The on farm sales Shed

Along with this we are also now selling veggies at Upper Canada Cheese in Jordan. We are there every Saturday from Noon-4:00. We stock all the same items as on the farm and are there selling in our veggies van. 

The inside of the veggie truck
Needless to say all of this is keeping us very busy but we are loving it. Come out and enjoy some winter veggies we would love to see you.

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