Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're getting FRESH

Well that's right we are getting fresh here on the farm. Whats fresh
you Ask? Well lots of things, we have hired a summer employee (her
name is Chloe), we have kale ready to be eaten by you, peas are
growing (i ate my first ones today), and the greenhouse tomatoes are
getting huge. The Ducks are all growing like weeds including chirpee
the newest member. Tomorrow promises to be another beautiful today
which makes Market even that much more enjoyable.
Saturday was a busy day here as I went to market Ryan with the aid of
a few helpers worked at the high farm. They completed a lot. The
irrigation system is in, mulching against the ever riseing weeds,
beens were planted, and oh so much more. Needless to say everyone was
very tired at the end of the evening and we all enjoyed a mr. Freezie

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