Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things just poping up

So today we had a new baby duckling born. Just one so far but he/she is very cute and noisy already. I have brought it inside due to some possible squishing issues. The little guy is all dry and soft and fluffy now after being under the heat lamb. More duckling should follow in the next day or so (and I will do my best to post some pictures).
For anyone who doesn't know last year we had a medium sized garden here at our house as a project for the youth at our church and most of the produce went to community care. Well in that garden we had a plethora of tomatoes which has garnered a surprise for this year. That surprise being that we have a load of tomato plants sprouting all over! We also have what we believe are pumpkin plants sprouting all over. We did not grow any pumpkins last year but another youth event that we like to call Pumpkin Olympics is the culprit for that one.
We plan to keep the pumpkins and some of the tomatoes. So come fall we will have some organic pumpkins for sale. I think that will be pretty fun.
Everything in the greenhouse is growing like crazy. We have actually taken all the tomato plants outside because they have been growing too fast. Soon they won't fit in the market van.
Its another beautiful day and I am off to enjoy it!

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