Monday, May 31, 2010


So it is another beautiful day here in Vineland. The sun is shining, its warm but not blazing hot, and I have already gotten a lot done. This morning Ryan and I went out to the field and watered our 100's of seedling that would really love some rain (our irrigation is still not here so we are watering by hand with our trusty watering cans!). On Saturday Ryan planted all of our eggplant, and sweet pepper plants outside and they especially required water as they have no roots into the soil yet.
At eight o'clock Ryan had to head to his other job at the university so I was left to finish just a little bit of watering and decided i would pick radishes first thing to avoid the hotter afternoon sun. Well I thought we might only get a few bunches but once i started pulling them out of the ground there was a plethora of them ready to go. So i picked a large pail full and head home where I washed them and tied a few bunches (another farm takes a few for their market stall which is nice because we might get a little overrun otherwise). The radishes that are in full swing right now are really nice they are purple or pink on the top of the radish and white on the bottom. I would just put them in a vase and enjoy them myself.
Its already noon and I still need to pack up tomatoes for market tomorrow, sow some carrots, and weed. Then when Ryan get home we are going to hook up the eaves-troughs at the high farm so that they run into a cistern so we can have some free water.
In other news all of the ducklings are doing well and are growing at a rapid rate. The sheep are as well. Our second lamb Lamaroo is getting so fat that she has a double chin. It is really funny to look at. That's all for now because i'm going to eat some lunch!

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