Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its another week gone bye

Indeed it has been a busy week here on the farm. We have a great fresh bunch of radishes that will be ready for market on Saturday. We have red and white icicle radishes both are very nice. With the nice sandy soil at the High farm they are very easy to pick which is a nice change from the radishes we planted last year at our house which has clay soil.
Today I spent the day planting our winter squash which if they are anything like our summer squash which i planted last week will grow like crazy.
Tomorrow will be a busy day with getting ready for market. Hopefully we will start to get some cooler weather. Our recent transplants at the High farm have been roasting a little with all the heat.
Soon we will start to get a whole bunch of home delivery orders which will make our weeks even busier but I have to say that's a good thing.

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