Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Been Going On

Well there has been a lot going on here is the past week. On Saturday the sheep were all sheared by a nice fellow who is here from England. He taught us a lot about shearing which was pretty neat. I did take some pictures however there was no memory card in the camera and the internal memory didn't work. We also have been busy planting. Yesterday my Dad and I planted all the kale outside and this morning Ryan planted all of the cabbage outside. This was done in the rows with plastic on them which means that they will need to have irrigation installed. This has not happened yet so I had to water 864 plants by hand outside. This was a somewhat back aching activity as i used a watering can with a small end on it so that each plant got water.
Ryan has also been working on the fence for the sheep and it is almost finished which means that the sheep will be heading out into the field soon. We did have an interesting time with the sheep on Saturday. Ryan bought some corn (dried) to help encourage the sheep to follow him when he needs to have them follow him. So he filled a bowl with corn and went into the sheep pen. Well this started a little sheep riot because apparently sheep LOVE corn. Ryan had sheep climbing all over him. It was pretty funny to watch actually.
The rest of the week looks like it will busy and I'm sure there will be lots to update about.

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