Monday, May 10, 2010

Last week on the Farm

Well last week was a very time here on the farm. The main job was transplanting. My Dad and I transplanted hundreds of tomatoes into 4" pots for sale at our upcoming Markets. Which to mention our first day at Market is next Tuesday the 18th in St.Catharines!! Very exciting but there is so much to do before then. We need to get a sign that has our farm name on it, we need a big jug that can hold water for hand washing, t-shirts need to have to logo put on and the list goes on and on. Next week we also start at the Niagara on the Lake market which is on Saturday's. Our main items for sale right now will be herbs with beets and radishes to follow close behind.
Last week I also rearranged our large tomato plants, which were planted in February so they are getting big. Due to there large size they needed to be supported so I strung up some string and spread them all out so they can grow somewhere. The first blossoms can also be seen on them.
Ryan also worked hard planting lots of cabbage outside and today our leeks are going in the ground. We had a few peas that we planted in the greenhouse. They usually go straight in the ground which also did but Ryan was afraid the seeder wasn't working properly so we did a few extra.
Ah yes and the sheep also went out on pasture for the first time this weekend. It was really neat to see how excited they all get to be free on the land. The lambs were jumping and frolicking but so where there parents. We decide on a system where they back in there small pen for the night and to do this we are using corn. Well the first night which was Saturday went great we went out and they were all in the pen already. Well last night I enticed them with corn (which they love we call it the corn riots) but two of the lambs thought they didn't need to go. So I closed in all the other and started my lamb capture technique. I got Ted first who seemed more interested in eating then anything I scooped him up and stuck in the pen. Friday however had figured out the system and went wandering off. Well I was patient and eventually he got very forlorn that he didn't have his mother and was head butting the fence trying to get in so this gave me my opportunity to snatch him and his flailing limbs up. The day ended happily for all united familys.

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