Saturday, June 4, 2011

Its a rain day

Again it seems that mother nature has decided we have not had enough rain! Today was a normal market day to start with not too cool, moderately bright a good amount of customers. Then a little trickle of rain came. This was not really a problem and the morning carried on. The out of no where we were hit with strong winds and heavy rain. After a number of soaked people and some ruined product the market shut down early for the first time since we have been there (this is our second year). What a crazy day.
Despite the rain I did stop and pick up a quart of strawberries on the way home from Whitty Farms. As soon as I got home Ryan and I had a few, which turned into eating the whole basket full. My only regret is that I didn't buy more for us to munch on this evening.
Yesterday was our first CSA pick up and I believe that it went really well. We only had one mix up and only a few people accidentally went to the neighbours house (they share the same last name as us so there is sometimes confusion). The basket was a bit small this week but we were excited offer an herb planter (basil, oregano and thyme for spaghetti sauce later),lettuce (some of them huge),snow peas

These are a few pictures from the week. The first is of some strange fog that we have actually had a couple times over the past couple of week. Its off in the distance not a very good picture.
The second picture is of some Kohlrabi that is coming up the green house. We have both a green and purple variety. The plants are actually much larger already.
The last picture is of Ryan using the flame weeder. It worked really well and the weeds are all deceased now.
I am off to eat a roast from our selection of Matt cow (this is not the cows name Matt is the farmer and the beef is from him)

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