Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Rain Day

It has been another rainy day here on the farm. So due to the fact that I have been unable to go work outside I have been doing some reading about sweet potatoes, which we are growing for the first time. We got our sweet potato shoots from Round Plains Plantation and they had this video posted on about a project a young girl did on growing sweet potato shoots. I am going to post it here so that you can take a look if you want.

I am pretty excited to see the potatoes growing a few leaves. Ryan was pretty sure that they had all died after I planted and lovingly watered them. But to my delight my tlc paid off and we are starting to see some new growth. We probably won't have a huge amount this year but I will be excited to put them out in our CSA baskets in the fall.
I am off the enjoy a rainy day lunch, more to come soon.

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Sandra T. said...

Oh, this is really exciting! I had wondered if sweet potatoes would grow in this area...I'll be watching your experiment very closely and look forward to enjoying some in fall.