Monday, July 4, 2011

Potato Time

It is another beautiful Monday morning and we are just about to get things rolling along for another warm one. The weekend was a busy time for us here on the farm because we planted our fall potato crop. It took almost the whole day to cut and plant the potatoes but it sure is a nice feeling to have it all done. We have a great selection of potatoes this year including: fingerlings, blue, red, russet, white and more. It was fun cutting up the seed potatoes and seeing the fun colours that were inside. Planting them was pretty easy and went fairly quickly with four people planting. Needless to say we were all tired on Friday evening.
Saturday we attend both Niagara on the Lake and Beamsville farmers markets it was a beautiful day and lots of people were through the market. On Saturday afternoon Ryan and I watered the potatoes and went to pick up some hay. It was just a short drive to the hay place about 20 min or so. It was a fun little afternoon side trip as the hay place has a dairy cows and there were a bunch of young cows who were very friendly.
Today promises to be another busy day as we work on weeding in what looks like another warm day!

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