Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Next Generation Farmers

It has been said that we are the next generation of farmer. We are young innovative and in a small minority of people who pick farming as a life style in the 21st century. People seem to love to come and visit our farm, hear our story and see what kind of crazy things we are up to. Of course I like to remain in the loop what is going on the farming world. So upon doing a little reading on the Internet this evening I came across Lufa farms in Montreal It is a very interesting operation. It is a 31'000 square foot greenhouse on a rooftop. They run what appears to be a large CSA which consists of 25 variates of veggies that they grow year round (they do also have an option to add root veggies from other local farmers).
I will admit I don't know how I feel about growing veggies in a greenhouse. In a way I feel like it is a modern contraption that says its okay to continue loosing our farmland because we can just grow everything inside. On the other hand I feel like this team has a great innovation in saying that hey we can grow good healthy organic food anywhere. It doesn't matter if you live in a city you can eat well. I wonder if in the long run this kind of farming would actually hurt rural farmer, many of who rely on big cities to support there farm. Many farmers drive into urban areas to sell there goods, where do they sell if roof top farms pop up everywhere. I know a bit unrealistic that suddenly there are going to roof top farms everywhere but down the road say 50 or 100 years maybe this will be a concern.
I will finish up my rant there but you should really check out there website it is pretty cool what they are doing.
You may ask how are there next generation farmers doing?? Well great so far. We feel that we are much more organized this year and we don't have tree high weeds encroaching upon us. There are definitely weeds but nothing like last. Things are starting to get dry around the farm and little rain would not be appreciated, the forecast however does not make this look promising. We have lots of new items coming out including: broccoli, tomatoes, summer squash, eggplant and hopefully carrots in the next week or two.
Everyone is feeling pretty tired this week. With the hot heat we have been starting work at 6am, working until 12 noon then back to work at six for a few hours. As tired as we are at least no one is dropping dead from the heat.
On a cheerful note our first duckling was born last week we named him (or her) cheepy. I will post a picture.

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