Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Business Cards

Well it has been a pretty quiet week so far. Last Saturday was the busiest in the last few days as we took out all the fence post from our sheep fencing. The yard looks a lot different now that it is all open. This year that area will be full of veggies which will look great.
Today we got some new business cards as well. We had some last year but these are a new design and much nicer I think. Any suggestions for improvements let us know as we only got 100 to start.




kygal said...

Hi Amanda,

The business cards look really nice but it might be wise to put something on there about your CSA....that way if others distribute them for you, people could call and ask about it. Just a thought.


Rosalyn said...

I really like your new cards. They have a casual classy look. The suggestion of acknowledging your CSA program is something to consider.

Uncle Chas said...

Timothy might suggest some slogan like "Rockin' the ethically-grown vegetable CSA!" (I'm not suggesting it!)

Unknown said...

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