Thursday, March 15, 2012

Growing outside

Well today after a nice wander through the fields it was easy to see that the early spring is causing some growth out in the fields. The first thing which we knew was growing is garlic. The bulbs already have significant portion growing above the ground. I tried to look up when our garlic sprouted last year but I couldn't find a date so its hard to say how far ahead we are from last year.

Garlic well on its way!

Also arriving out in the field are all the annual herbs that we have planted. A lot of them stayed nice all winter such as oregano and thyme. Others are coming back with a vengeance. As part of spring prep today we trimmed the herbs and cleared any weeds away from them allowing optimal growth.

Garlic chives coming up out of the ground 

 As part of our herb trimming process we also have a few catnip plants that needed to be trimmed back. While things went smoothly at first our two cats (oats and beans) decided that they should get involved.

This is my plant

No really back off, its mine

Where cats go after catnip

Bean having a go at oats leftovers
Needless to say it is not easy to trim catnip plants when two cats are trying to eat the plants that you trimming. After three plants we gave up on the rest.
Our other project today was putting up a divider in the chicken pen. The purpose of the divider is so that we can plant some pasture mix for the chickens to eat. The plan is to keep the chickens out until there is a good amount of pasture growing on the other side off the divide. Otherwise they would just eat the seed and anything that happened to grow out be consumed before it could grow to any decent size. The divide is not finished yet but this is how it looks so far,

Putting t-posts in to support a length of chicken wire

T-posts in. On the left you can kind of see a  hole in the ground. We will put some straw bales here, otherwise the chicken just walk under the wire.

Here the chicken wire is up. You can maybe see the hole better still on the left. That Ryan's homemade post pounder there on the ground.


Allison said...

Nice to see signs of spring! I bet that the garlic will be great (fresh garlic is such a treat).

Unknown said...

Oats and Beans! I miss you!