Monday, March 30, 2015

Garden Hose....My Old Friend

The greenhouse garden hose is a friend foe, I have missed for a while. We use it for watering all the seedlings in the greenhouse, and things always start out great, with the hose nice and straight, following me around the benches so I can get everything watered.  But eventually....eventually things don't go so well.  After all that twisting and weaving, walking back and forth and turning in circles as I make sure everything is covered, this happens:
And eventually, one of those loops in my nice, drinking water safe, kink free hose...kinks, and then its all over.  Once it kinks it seems I am stopping every few feet to unkink the thing and in the end, all hope is lost.  We have worked on some ideas on how to solve this problem, but nothing has quite fixed it yet.
On a more positive note, I have included some pictures from inside the greenhouse to show how well things are growing these days, thanks to that hose, my foe friend...

Enjoy the warmer weather this coming week!

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