Friday, March 27, 2015

Local Salad in March?

I hear a lot of talk now and then, sometimes on CBC about how hard it is to eat local during the winter months.  I always feel like calling in and suggesting that options are out there if people would only look for them instead of relying solely on the grocery store.  I wish people wouldn't just give up in  November, even when the option is handed to them.

Our winter CSA hasn't always been awesome, but we are learning and are able to offer more and more each winter, with this coming winter looking to be very good.  I have always said March and April are the hardest months to supply, but we are finding ways to get product even now.

My lunch today turned out to be an entirely local salad (with homemade dressing) and I thought I should share with the readers how you can actually eat local, even at the end of March.
I didn't think to take the picture until after I started eating, so there were a few more cucumbers and tomatoes in there.  Spinach was from our cold frames and the tomatoes and cucumbers were from a little greenhouse in Vineland, just off Victoria Ave whose name I do not know.

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