Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rainy Days

Well after the dry start to the summer we are not complaining about the rain we are currently getting. I feel pretty certain our Swiss Chard has grown since this morning! With the rain of course the weeds are also growing. We are working hard to keep up with them but its three people versus millions of weeds.
Yesterday was a busy day here Ryan and I drove an hour from the farm to pick up sweet potato shoots. We followed this with a couple of hours putting them all in the ground. We the assistance of our family not only for planting but child care and supper we made in through. The rain is a huge reason that we planted in a hurry sweet potatoes would not fair well in dry soil.
Last week we also put in about 8 row of onion sets. Sydney was actually helpful with this job and planted onions down the row from her little basket for some time. Eventually she was just hanging out in the dirt but whatever keeps her happy makes everyone happy!

Don't forget to come and check us out the Grimsby market 3-7 pm Every other Thursday (June 11 we will be there)
Also we are at Welland market every Saturday 6-12 (yes am!)
Sweet Potato Fields

Apples starting to grow

Planting Onions

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