Friday, February 11, 2011

Eggs and Seedy Saturday

I am excited to say that everyday this week I found at least one egg from our chickens. As of yet I have not eaten any yet though. I found one just now while feeding the animals, the chicken had laid it in the food container. I think that will be the first one I eat mostly because we usually find the eggs after they have been out for a while and they tend to be frozen and very dirty. This one is clean and not frozen. Which I say makes it an excellent candidate for my stomach.
I also wanted to mention that tomorrow is seedy Saturday. If you haven't heard of it, it is an excellent opportunity to brush up on gardening skills and pick up some terrific seeds for your summer gardens. I will post the information at the end of the blog.
Sunday (our lamb) is doing terrifically and feels that he should be allowed out and about even if it is a freezing cold evening. He is full of energy and always trying to eat hay and drink water. I would say he is also much more friendly than our lambs last year. He will come up to you and you can pet him. He seems to like attention!
Also this week we finalized our seed list and starting sending out our orders. I believe Ryan is very much looking forward to publishing our seed list so I will leave that up to him!
Here is the Seedy Saturday Info:


Ball's Falls Conservation Area
Saturday February 12, 2011 10-3

$2 Admission.

Events and Activities: „« Exhibitors „« Presenters „« Seed Retailers „« Door Prizes „« Free Coffee & Tea & Treats „« Light Lunch Available For Purchase Garden Give-away Table¡ a free exchange and/or giveaway of clean pots, trays, magazines, books, garden utensils...

Seedy Saturday agenda: Seed Swap & Retail all day 10:15 Welcome and Master Gardener John Renaud Growing with Myke 11 am Steven Biggs Growing Figs and Currants 12:15 Kate Green, USC Canada,film Saving the Seed and discussion. 1 pm Jen Heaton Vermi-composting 2 pm Master Gardener Wendy Dunnville Showing what you're growing

Contact: Linda Crago 905-386-7388 or

For other Seedy Saturday Locations Visit:


Erin said...

I'll be there too. Looking forward to it :)

Uncle Chas said...

Whadabout da house?