Sunday, February 6, 2011

The First Sign of Spring!

Well I know it is not even close to being spring yet (technically only half-way through the official part of winter), but we have had our first sign of spring today.

As we were out feeding the sheep before church, we noticed one of our ewes, whose udder had been getting bigger over the last couple of weeks, was acting rather strange. We had a makeshift shelter in place for the sheep, but after a small debate we realized we needed to improve it rapidly in case we were about to have a new lamb. So we quickly got to work fixing up a new A-frame house for the sheep, with a side lean-to for a lambing pen to keep the mother and lamb separate from the rest of the flock for some bonding time.

It looks kind of crazy in this picture, but it works really nice. The part on the right is the main A-frame pen and the part on the left is the lean-to.

As we were working quickly, Bess' water broke and we began to notice a head emerge. Needless to say we were compelled to work much faster. Eventually the lamb fully emerged and was quickly attended to by its mother. We didn't get the side pen up fast enough for Bess to have her lamb inside, but she did find a nice corner that was relatively warm. Once we were finished, and the lamb was cleaned up, Amanda carried the lamb into the pen with Bess quickly in tow.

Bess' first lamb was born on a Friday, so we saw it fitting to name this new lamb "Sunday". Needless to say, we ended up missing church.

Everyone is finally warm and happy. Our first success of the new season.


Kris Mo said...

Congratulations! Thanks for the reminder... spring WILL come, eventually!

Unknown said...

Wow, is he ever cute. If you could keep him that size forever, I'd adopt him.