Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What does a farmer do when there is "nothing" to do?

I was just thinking to myself now that I often get a lot done in the winter and often it is not farm related but there is really always something that needs to be done on the farm. Of course there are the usual daily tasks that include feeding and watering all the animals. This morning this also include some repairs to the sheep's straw house. Apparently they feel that the nicely stacked bails are there for their person use. In this case it was that they created some new bedding for themselves. So I schlepped a new bale into the pen and replaced the one of course in the middle row that they had removed. The sheep also enjoyed some treats this morning including the rest of the apple I was eating and my granola bar (its just so hard to say no). Sheep really like fruit and they were climbing the fence to get at mine! Also this morning the ducks recieved some fresh straw for there floor (they are calling for lots of snow so i thought they would like to cozy up in their home).
Well then the required tasks for the day were "finished" oh but wait.... nope. I moved on the work on a flyer for our summer CSA. Although it is still snowing outside it is the time of year to get those veggie loving people interested in our farm. The flyer actually turned out rather nicely I think and I look forward to having it posted here on the blog shortly.
Ah time for a break.....ah well no we have our winter CSA pick up again next week so it was off to plant some shoots in the greenhouse. I really love shoots they are so tasty and are great used in all different ways. A personal favorite is in a sandwich. I did one thing differently on this round of shoots which was to soak them in water first. I am hoping that this will give us quicker results.
Then it was lunch time...nothing too exciting. I did eat an orange, I don't eat them to often because well we don't grow them here I tend to go for my good friend the apple instead (which is widely available still from local sources).
So by 1pm I had pretty much filled my morning with farm tasks so I took a break. This break resulted in a pound cake which is currently in the oven. I made it from Julia Childs recipe and it tasted like butter even before being cooked. Which personally I am not complaining about. I will get a few more things done this afternoon then off to a meeting at Community Care to see how our farm can better assist them over the coming months.

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Allison said...

Just got a sneak peak of the CSA flyer - awesome!!! I'm so jealous of you Niagara-ites and your farm-fresh food!