Sunday, May 22, 2011

A beautiful Saturday?

Well needless to say the ugly weather appeared again this Saturday while I was at the market. The day started off with a light drizzle followed by fog and overcast sky's. Not the best day for selling plants. Lets be honest no one feels like being out in there garden in that kind of miserable weather.
Despite the weather we still sold some plants mostly herbs this week and I enjoyed a raisin bran muffin from Willow Creek Bakery.
Upon arriving home around 1:45 (when of course the sun came out) Ryan and I got to work doing a few things around the farm. We did a little bit of sprout starting and also played with Ryan's new toy. What is this new toy you ask well it is a Weed Dragon propane torch. The torch is used to burn up weeds on the driveway or anywhere you have unwanted weeds. It seems to be working well as today you can see the devistation that we caused in the driveway. All the weed are dying or dead and of course it means we keep the driveway clean without chemicals. I will post some pictures tomorrow of it in use!
I have a great selection of pictures for the past week but they are all on my phone which is currently not handy. So tomorrow I'll post a picture blog. Without the phone camera I would never have any pictures to post.
This week looks like it will be a busy one with our first CSA pick up this Friday, finishing the new chicken pen and hopefully a crazy amount of planting. We are definitely looking forward to our first sunny week in ages.

Until tomorrow

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