Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scotia Bank Update

Well we are very please to let everyone know that we have been chosen as one of the finalists in the Soctiabank Big Impact Small Business Challenge. This means that from out categorize we are one of five who will be chosen from for the final winner. We were of course very surprised and excited to be included in the top 5! We should hear in the next few weeks who the final winner is. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to vote over the past few months. We know it was a long run but we really appreciate the effort everyone put in.
Of course it has been a very busy time over the past week here on the farm. Despite all the rain that we have been having lots has been accomplished. Yesterday we completed the sheep fence and got them out to pasture (the fence has been a long haul but it is permanent and very nice). We also moved the goslings and chickens around to provide them with fresh grass.
We have also done a small amount of planting, which has included a nice new herb section to our garden. I am going to through out a bunch of pictures bellow so you can see how everything has been going!The Sheep happily eating fresh grass

The Gosling having a drink

Lucy Hanging Out in the van

Ryan hard at work pulling our weeds

Chives about to flower

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Linda said...

Yay! Good for you for being finalists! From what I have heard, well deserved and I hope you win. I'm hoping to get out to meet you one day . Very best of luck with everything.
Linda, Tree and twig.