Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Freshly Hoed Garlic rows

Well it seems like a long time since we have seen any sun but just last week we had a few beautiful days here on the farms where we were able to get some outside work done. The above picture is of some hoeing Ann and I did late last week in the garlic, kale and brussel sprouts. It took us about three hours to hoe these three rows plus one more toward the front of the card. There are not currently very many weeds but it is one of those things that if you leave it for an extended period of time it quickly goes out of control. This picture doesn't show it very well but the garlic is coming along nicely so far. This is our first time growing garlic and we have eight varieties on the go. This years varieties are: Music, Susan Delafield, Leningrad, Ukrainian Mavnic, Asian Tempest, Fiona and Fish Lake. We are really excited to see how all the different varieties compaire. Last year we enjoyed Asian Tempest quite. It is a small garlic but has loads of punch!
Last week also brought some very strong winds to our region and although didn't sustain any damage lots of people around had trees fall. Which of course led to an all day power outage. The tree in this picture fell just in front of our barn. It has a partner just on the other side of the lane way that held strong despite the fact that the wind was gusting at up to 100 km an hour.
These are our new goslings!! They are very cute and are growing at a very rapid pace. The picture is not facing the correct direction due to my lack of technical skills, although Ryan may straighten it out. Currently they are living in the barn in a little enclosure that Ann made with some plywood. They have two heat lambs and enjoy loads of water and food. They are not too friendly yet but we hope with lots of interaction they will be very sociable as they get older.

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