Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All Seems Well

We are now into and through the second day of our lamb's life and all seems well. I could hardly contain my excitement yesterday when I learned that we had a new lamb (although a very unexpected one) and was able to leave work a bit early to pick up some much needed supplies and to attend to the lamb who had been appearing not to be eating. By the time I got home she (that's right, we have a female) was feeding alright, but needed to get checked up, her umbilical cord needed to be cleaned with iodine and she also needed a shot of selenium. We gave mum a quick check and cleaned away some of the wool from near her udder and left them alone in the straw barn separated from the others.

I have been getting a lot of suggestions for names from people, and seeing as how we will likely keep her because she will most likely be able to breed this coming fall/winter I have finally settled on a name. Snowball. I figured that since it is cold and snowy out, and since she has a round and white face this name is appropriate. Case closed.
In other news we had the biggest of our seed orders, from Stokes, arrive in the mail today. It was quite exciting going through the box and seeing all the seeds we ordered and thinking of all the goodies that would grow from what is in there. Everything seems to be in there (I checked off the list twice!) although there are a few things on backorder that I will have to check with the company to see when they might arrive.

For starting the seeds my uncle is allowing us to use the leanto portion of his greenhouse which is slightly separated from the rest of the greenhouse and which has it's own boiler. Amanda and I spent some time cleaning it up on Monday and now it is ready to go for plants once the heat gets turned on. I still have to build the germination table before anything can get started and with March 1st quickly approaching (when some seeds should start) it will be a busy couple of weeks.
Keep looking back for some updates on Snowball and maybe some more pictures, and who knows, we could be seeing some more lambs sometime soon!

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