Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Current Projects

From Darkness:

Into Light:

Besides starting and finishing our seed order (which is really hard when it is the first year we are doing it), our (my) other project is fixing up a 93' GMC Safari that we have been given. It is in reasonable shape, with only minimal body work required, although the rims (as seen above) were in very bad shape and needed a complete cleaning. We will be using this van for all of our summer farm and market needs and will be the perfect vehicle for what we need it for.
We are beginning to realize that spring is approaching very quickly and there is so much that we have to do before it arrives. We are optimistic about this year, although we realize there will be plenty we have to learn. Luckily we have a good support network in place so we shouldn't mess things up too much.
Should be able to post our seed orders on here in the next few days so keep looking back to see what we have ordered.

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