Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well we have a had a little dumb of snow this week and are expecting some more today possibly. Yes snowball the lamb is doing terrific. She bounds around as happy as a lamb! She get bigger by the day and i guess its about time for another picture of her. All of the other sheep seem to be doing well too. They are all very hungry these days and yesterday Ryan gave them a little extra hay as they were acting like they were starving. I also gave them some apple bits which they always seem to enjoy. As of yet there are no signs of another lamb but you never know as these things seem to sneak up on us.
This week is the farm show here at Brock University and I have been attending that. It makes for a very busy day but they have interesting sessions and a good lunch! Today I will be going to some sessions on organic vegetables which will hopefully be interesting. I am looking forward to hearing all about different methods of farming vegetables.
Our seed orders have been pouring in over the last couple of days. West Coasts seeds as well as Stokes (two packages of back order) have sent us our seeds. Its always exciting to open up the seed boxes and see everything so nicely packaged ready for you. On Monday we are going to start planting which will be a lot of work. Leeks and Celery are first on the list to get underway.
Tomorrow Ryan and I are going to build a germination table (to start the seeds) and do some other work around here. It is a holiday at Brock so he has the day off which is pretty handy.

Oh and the title is referring to a little snowball fight we had with the neighbours which was fun after all the snowfall.


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