Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Events

Well i'm sure Ryan will have plenty to say about today but I just thought that I would make a few comments first. Well today our tomato seeds came which is great. One kind was unavailable because they ran out of stock but we ordered so many that it will not really affect our crops.
Today's main venture however was the creation of a germination table. This is used so that when the seeds are first planted they can be put in a very warm environment. Again i'm sure Ryan will have a much more scientific and technical explanation. It took a lot of the day as we needed lots of supplies and visited a number of different stores. We had to get lumber, PVC pipe, sand (lots! 17 66lb bags), soil, and many other incidentals such as screws. It was extra fun picking up all of these items as we have been experiencing a large amount of snowfall over the past two days. But our new van is on the road and its a beast so the snow doesn't stop it.
There are lots of pictures to come on how the germination table looks so far.
Monday is scheduled as the first planting day which should be exciting. We got some plug trays today from Thiessen Farms (not related) who are always giving us helpful tips and have lots of know how about different farming practices. I had better skedaddle for now as we are headed out to supper. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!!


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