Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ducks, Fencing and Cat Named Sam

Well it looks as though the ducks are finally getting used to us wandering around. For the first couple of days they would not come out of their little shelter, but now I see them wandering around the pen all the time and they don't run away as quickly or as far now when I walk up to see them.
Went to go look at them yesterday morning and it seems ducks are smarter than I thought. When I came up to the fence they ran away like normal, but then the older male walked up to the water dish, which was empty, looked at me, pecked it, and then looked at me again. It was as though he was telling me his water dish was empty and that I should do something about it. Maybe I was reading into it, but I like to think they were trying to communicate.
I decided to give them a bucket of water and within 20 minutes the eight of them must have drank/splashed out 3 to 4 litres and continued to consume water throughout the entire day. We must think about getting a bigger container sooner than later.

The fence is on hold for a couple of days, but we should be able to resume it soon. Not much is left as I had already had all the pieces cut to size and only a couple pieces are left to screw together. There is no cat named Sam, but it sounded good in the title, and if I had a cat, I would name it Sam.

Sheep are still scheduled for this Saturday or the next. If I could get the fencing up Saturday morning we will be able to get them, but otherwise it will have to wait for next week. I am getting really excited about their arrival and can hardly wait, but I guess waiting is half the fun.

That is all for now, hope to bring more news soon.


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