Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hay There!

Well yesterday I finally got the hay for the sheep. I was a little bit slow in sourcing the hay, which was bad, but I had bought some sheep food which I thought could hold them over, but that was never a good idea. The food is little round pellets, sort of what you would feed to a chicken or a rabbit and would have been quite a dietary jump for the sheep had I gone that route, even for a couple of days, and would have likely resulted in some digestive issues... Luckily when I got the sheep, I managed to get two bales off the previous owner which was able to tie them in until now.

There is quite the difference between the two bales. The ones Wendall gave me are very heavy, but also really coarse, although they do smell quite sweet. I thought they were not bad, that is, until I got these bales. Through a friend I was told about Jeff, a young man like myself trying to farm who made hay. He had a good price and would deliver them in quantities of 30 (which is all I can store at once). He came last night and the hay is beautiful. Not only does it smell delicious, but it is not harsh like the other bales. Running your hand over the bales it feels like a lawn. I am told it is a mixture of orchard grass and alfalfa, and I think the sheep are going to love it...too bad they have to finish the other bale first.

As for the rest of the farming operation the next couple of days will see us getting some fence supplies to repair the rear fence, and I need to spend some time finishing up my work on the back field so I can get it plowed if it ever stops raining and dries up. It will keep us busy and out of trouble anyway...or at least we hope!

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