Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pumpkin Love

So post the fall season we had a large amount of pumpkins just sitting around and the previous owner of the sheep told us that they love to eat pumpkins. So thinking what a brilliant solution we had stumbled upon, this morning i took a load of pumpkins out to the sheep. The fact that sheep go banana's for pumpkins would be an understatement. As I unloaded the pumpkins outside the fence the sheep were all sniffing at the wire trying to get at them. We had one large pumpkin that had been sitting on the step of the house so i broke that one open first (with a hammer). Rouge couldn't wait and as soon as that pumpkin entered the pen he went at it. Not just the flesh in the middle but the skin and everything he just chomped away. I had to put in a few smaller pumpkins as well because he wouldn't share the big one.
Well after seeing the excitement that they had towards the pumpkins I decided to go get my camera. When i came back Wendy was sitting with her face through the fence eating the box that the pumpkins were in.
After all that on Ryan's advice I tried to catch one of the sheep, which ended up being more of Amanda running around the pen like a crazy person. The sheep all ended up in their little house and would not come out. It's forcast for rain for the rest of today so i probably won't go out and see them again today.
That's all for now!

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