Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inclement Weather

So today will be a hit or miss day for getting anything done as it is raining. But over the past few days a number of things have changed around here. The fencing is looking fantastic! Ryan put together two large panels on Tuesday which will be attached (and now are). I added the staples to hold the fencing on to the wood which I enjoyed doing. I also stuffed all the holes in the sheep house to keep out all the wind.
In terms of the rain today its a good thing that roof is mostly finished with a tarp having been installed recently to protect the wood from getting too wet. There is still a good amount to do before the weekend so that the sheep can come but I am sure it will all be completed.

Duck Update:

So the ducks have happily settled in the backyard (well technically the side yard) and are very much enjoying the wet weather today. We have given them a large bucket of water for drinking and what not which they seem to empty very quickly. I believe it is empty because they just splash around in it. But they all seem happy and are getting a little friendlier everyday.

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