Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pick Up

Today we are getting our first installment of animals here. That's correct we are going to have eight ducks running around what used to be our dog pen. The ducks are Muscovy's and due to the fact that they have not actually arrived yet I'm unable to post a picture of them.

Yesterday we (mostly Ryan) went to work on the fence for the sheep pen. All the wood has been cut and is all set of an energetic afternoon of set up. Yesterday for me also entailed a large of amount of pruning. There are grape vines everywhere on the chicken coop that needed to be cut down. Needless to say it kept me warm pulling and tugging so that some semblance of fence was actually visible.

Included in the post are a few picture of the sheep pen in creation stage. It is more finished now but i have yet to take a picture

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