Friday, February 12, 2010

Things Coming Together

Well in our classic, seat of the pants, last minute style we are finally getting things pulled together for starting our seeds once they come. We still have to work out planting patterns, but we now have greenhouse space to start the plants as well as some heating cable to build a germination table. There is still a fair bit of work to do to actually get the seeds going (ie. the germination table needs to be built, the seeds need to come, we need to find plug trays, etc) but it is all coming together. With any luck we will be having our first pictures of our 2010 crop sometime in March.

Sheep are still going strong. Just got another load of hay for them yesterday and it is always fun to see how excited they get when I walk over to the hay mound. The one ewe in particular can jump really high when she gets excited and does this all over the pen. Really interesting.
Ducks are...well...messy. Got another dry bale of straw yesterday as well to cover the bottom of the pen to keep it fresh. Hopefully we will get the egg boxes built soon and then we can see what happens from there. Looking forward to a whole bunch of little ducklings running around and since Muscovys are extremely prolific (generally at least a dozen if not more eggs) we should have quite a few.
Lots of exciting things happening in the next couple of weeks. Should finally get the van on the road and the seeds will start coming in, so keep checking back and see what we are up to.


Allison said...

Good luck with the van! Are you going to put a logo on it?

Ryan said...

We are thinking about it, but have yet to decide.