Monday, March 29, 2010

Ducks like Paska too!

So it is the Easter season and a family favorite food is paska, which is a sweet bread that you eat covered in icing and sprinkles (ya its really healthy). Well there was one piece left over that got stale on the counter and the ducks are fed scraps from the kitchen on a regular basis. So out i went with a pile of veggie left overs and one piece of paska. Well that paska was gone faster than you can blink. I can't blame the ducks because paska is a pretty terrific Easter treat. They are also getting to enjoy some more light rain today which has led to them being brown rather than white. Ducks are just so messy I don't believe there is any hope for them.
So after a long pause (I've been gone for 3 hours) for a planting session and some lunch I'm back. This afternoon my dad and I planted 20 flats of plants. We had a great time chatting and its really cool to be able to watch all the new varieties come up over the coming week of so. Today we planted a selection of broccoli, cauliflower, eggplants, kale, cabbage and herbs. I also planted three flats of wild flowers that i accidentally got wet on the counter over the weekend. They are intended to go straight into the garden but it's too early for that to happen.
Our weekend was rather busy as we spent all day Saturday working on our summer fencing for the sheep. We had hopped to fix an old dilapidated fence that is currently around the property but it seems to have turned into more work than it is worth. We are now work towards having some temporary fencing which I'm sure that Ryan will have lots to say about in the coming week.

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