Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Day

So Ryan and I have been up and about this morning working in the green house. Everything is looking really terrific and our first seed sprouts are now visible. The first sprouts are seen on the basil and cinnamon basil (i'm excited to try out the cinnamon basil). We also removed the clips that hold the sides of the plastic down on the greenhouse. This way we are able to vent in some cooler air as it gets very warm in there during the day.
We also visited with the sheep for a brief time which was lovely as usually. I took out some grain pellets as a treat and they all really liked them. Rosy was the most excited and tried to climb up on me to get the pellets out of my hand. It was pretty funny. Snowball is acting a bit shy now but is full of energy and bound around the pen like she owns the place.

I'm sure i'll have more to say later but that's all for now

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