Thursday, March 25, 2010

World Mud Wrestling Tournament

Well the last few days have been rather wet and it is starting to show in the duck pen. Ducks are messy on the best of days, but during these last few days they have started digging around their pen looking for lost scraps in the straw base. I am not entirely sure where the mud is coming from as they have a good 4" of straw base in the pen, but needless to say they are getting quite dirty. The picture doesn't really do them justice and a couple of times we have seen them with their heads completely brown and mud running down the front of them. Regardless they seem to enjoy it and we are glad to have them around.

Seedlings keep popping up in the greenhouse and we are well on our way to having lots of healthy seedlings for planting later in the spring. We are always excited to see the first seedlings pop up from a planting and this week a second planting of kale and cabbage have not failed to disappoint. Next week we are planting quite a few things so check back to see where things are at.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Amanda said...

Thanks Stuart!!