Friday, March 19, 2010

Growing Ontario

So it has been another beautiful day here on the farm. The sun is shining the plants are growing. Some of our newest plants to show growth include kale, cabbage, and even one tomato plant. I will post some pictures along with blog so you can all see how things are coming along. We are still fervently watering with chamomile tea which is supposed to stop the plants from dying when they are growing (that is the short story) so far that seems to be working well. It was really neat to see the kale and cabbage come up so quickly as it was only planted on monday of this week and its expected germination period is needles to say longer than 4 four days (they were already coming up yesterday).
The ducks are doing well and seem to be enjoying the spring weather. We gave them some stale nacho chips a few nights ago which seem to be among there favorite foods (although muffins would rank higher). Hopefully soon there nesting boxes will be finished and they will start to lay some eggs.
The sheep are also enjoying spring as it arrives. There is no direct sign of another lamb coming but it could really be anytime now. Snowball is growing like an weed and get friendlier everyday. She will now come right up to the fence and let you pet her little nose.
Also today we received an order from Foodland Ontario of a wide selection of things to use at the market. We got some signs both blank and with information about different veggies as well as an array of stickers. It came in three large packages which was a little shocking when the mail man came to the door as I had order the items a while ago and had forgotten that they were coming.

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